Hello and welcome to the captain’s deck!

Hi all. This is my very first post on this blog so I wanted to introduce myself before getting launching into further post writing. My name is Jess Captain and I have launched “The Captain’s Deck” as a site where I can capture and share useful things, places and websites I find on my travels.

Jess CaptainA little bit more about me. I am “middle aged” with a husband at home and 2 children that have long flew the nest. We have a dog that keeps us company and both my husband and I enjoy outdoor activities and craft type hobbies. I think if we had more time (and money) we would love to do a lot more travelling. I have a part time office job but I really enjoy writing so I thought I would give “blogging” a go (a bit late to the scene I know).

I will try to get the site update soon with new content!