My visit to a vintage wedding shop

Vintage wedding dressI had some free time today so I was lucky enough to accompany a friend of mine who is getting remarried next year. My friend is very organised and has already done lots of research, both from the bridal mags and sites like Pinterest (Pinterest is actually a great site for looking for wedding inspiration).

As its the second time she is getting, my friend (Helen) wanted a different feel to her wedding this time around compared to the church wedding, white dress affair she had the first time. This time she has been looking at vintage wedding ideas; Helen really wants a wedding with vintage bridal grown, traditional band and “mix-n-match” china on the tables. Helen came to the house already prepared with a digital scrapbook of vintage bridal ideas, gained from Pinterest and dedicated vintage wedding sites such as Vintage Wedding Store.

The store we went to had some fantastic vintage bridal dresses and Helen managed to find an immaculate ivory wedding dress from the 1950’s. If you are planning a vintage wedding yourself then there is plenty of inspiration out there; start with Pinterest boards but also have a look at may good websites.